11 Agustus – 11 September 2018, “Memorial Playing” oleh I Made Mahendra Mangku di Komaneka Fine Art Gallery,Ubud

“Memorial Playing”

  • ARTIST: I Made Mahendra Mangku
  • WRITER: I Made Susanta Dwitanaya
  • NUMBER OF WORKS: 25 Karya lukisan
  • OPENING DATE: 11 Agustus 2018 pukul 18 : wita
  • DISPLAY TIME: 11 Agustus 2018 – 11 September 2018
  • VENUE: Komaneka Fine Art Gallery
    Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud, Gianyar 80571 Bali-Indonesia

e-catalog: http://bit.ly/MemorialPlaying

Memorial Playing is Made Mahendra Mangku’s solo exhibition that momentously captures the results of his latest self reflection and process as an artist. In this exhibition he present works that are stimulated by various memories – memory or experience that is recorded in his mind. These memories are not merely instances that can be specifically explained verbally, but are instead memories that overlaps and settles in his subconscious and into a driving force for his creative process.

Mahendra Mangku’s memories that continues to intertwine in him about the many things in his life becomes a selection of abstract expressions he as devoted throughout his art career. The sweeps of his paintbrush that is freely engraved on the drawing medium is spontaneous but poetic. Every mark and stroke becomes a personal expression and idea he wants to convey. Likewise, on the issue of composition and color, everything flows and is affected by his inner conditions when the creative process occurs.

The Memorial Playing series contain 25 works, giving a rise to the poetry that had been carried out and become the hallmark of Mahendra Mangku’s works. In some of his works there is one area of composition and space that leads to or associates at the horizon. Is this horizon inspired by a memory or experience that Mangku has experienced? In the conversation with the author, the artist mentioned that his childhood was very close to nature. Until now, his studio where he paints is open to rice paddies. The connection between the works of Mahendra Mangku, which in part has compositions that lead to this horizon, and his personal background can be interpreted in the context of the psychological world; Mangku’s work is stimulated by nature that becomes a memory image and drives his creative process in creating . In the world of psychology image or picture memory is an object reconstructed in memory with an awareness that the response or perception really happened in the past.

Listening to the background of Mahendra Mangku’s creative process for this exhibition, it is said that abstract art Mangku does presents all kinds of spontaneous, intuitive, flowing fluctuations in expressions. These expressions are a result of a reflection of a particular idea in this case the memories. Through his works, Mangku also presents a form of abstraction from reality- in this case, the memory of many things including his relationship with nature. Abstraction which is an expression of the artist’s idea through the most essential form of collision. Lines, colors, fields, textures, spaces, compositions and all other elements of visual elements is encompassed in a language from the artist towards his internal and external reality. Mangku’s poetic work invites us to be more intimate and soluble in recognizing every essence of the visual elements in a meditative sense and feel like inviting us to a quiet and warm space that arises from the nuances of his poetic work.

For further information: https://gallery.komaneka.com/

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Author: Akar Media

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