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Japan’s Sanriku Coast, which was hard-hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, is a treasure-trove of folk performing arts. There is no place quite like the Sanriku Area. In Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures alone, there are more than 2,000 performing groups.The Sanriku International Arts Festival has been held every year since 2014.




  • Sat, February 9 – Sun, March 24, 2019

    Locations : Hachinohe, Hashikami(Aomori Pref), Kuji, Tanohata, Miyako, Otsuchi, Ofunato, Sumita, Rikuzentakata(Iwate Pref.), Kesennuma(Miyagi Pref.)
    Performers : Sanriku Geinoh: 22 Geinoh Groups
    Asian Geinoh : 2 Jathilan Groups (Indonesia)
    Contemporary Artists: 4 Groups/Persons

  • Program
    Miyako|Sat, February 9 – Mon, February 11
    Hachinohe|Fri, February 22 – Sun, February 24
    Ofunato|Fri, March 1 – Sun, March 3, 10
    Jathilan Sanriku Touring Program|Mon, February 11 – Thu, February 28
    Sanriku x Asia|Sat, March 3 – Sun, March 24


1. From Life to Art
Since ancient times, people have lived on foods grown in a rich, but harsh natural environment. They have had to face natural disasters beyond their control. The prayers they offer in their daily lives have given birth to their unique creative expression, which carries a sense of both gratitude and awe toward nature. Festivals and Geinoh are a regular part of their lives and are rooted in ancient practices. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes fierce, sometimes humorous, these foundations are still evident today.

2. YADORU (To inhabit)
The practice of Geinoh is inhabited by divine spirits. People take on the form of beasts never before seen in the real world and pay visits to local homes, spreading good fortune and offering comfort to the spirits of those who have passed away. It is the first time that the festival will be held in winter. Winters are long in Tohoku. We will gather to inhabit indoor spaces and let Geinoh take care of the prayers for the coming springtime.

3. To the Future, To the World
Many Geinoh organizations had to deal with serious consequences from the tsunami. Some lost members to the disaster. Equipment and costumes were washed away. But Geinoh is still alive and is looking toward the future. Even with the memory of the disaster in our minds, Geinoh lives on within us and within our communities, and we look forward to sharing it with the world.

Part of Program
◎ Sanriku ✕ Asia
March 3, 2019 [Sun] – March 24 [Sunday]
Touch and connect with Sanriku encountering Asia. Explore their regional charms and dynamics through our various events.

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