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Do you like Indonesia? We do. We also like Art, Design and different Lifestyles and we want to share it with you. Exchange of knowledge can enrich the wealth of the nation, and give meaning to the growth of Indonesian Culture.

Majalah Online Indonesia - Seni, Disain dan Gaya Hidup

As individuals we don’t have enough time to explore every corner or aspect of life in Indonesia, therefore Akar Media decided to be a medium for distributing and sharing the knowledge.

The idea is to exchange any information that readers have and slowly form a self-sufficient community with similar view to “Akar-roots” vision and spirit of Indonesia.  It is very simple: whatever you have or want to share, send or contact us via our website Indonesia Online Magazine www.Akar-Media.com, Twitter, Facebook Page or Google+.

Akar Media Programme: 

  • Content: Pages and articles about Art, Design and Lifestyle in Indonesia.
  •  Free file download: photographs from professional photographers in PDF form and Wallpapers.
  • Free download of Magazines.
  • Subscribe for the printed version of the magazine, as we are very concerned about the environmental sustainability in Indonesia. We give our little contribution with printing only on demand. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact us by e-mail:  [email protected]

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