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Ministry for National Education Center has been constructing the language map of Indonesian Archipelago for 15 years. And it’s completely understandable they have used so much time for research, since they registered 17 508 islands and 746 local languages. This research made possible to recognize the diversity and richness of Indonesian Culture.

Even though the Indonesian Language is used officially, there are many dialects and different languages, that only residents of the islands know.


The culture and everyday life are expressed through the language. It develops and evolves as the times are changing. The oral expression means that feelings, relation to god, good thoughts are expressed in specific way.


Balinese language is something that inhabitants of this island try to preserve. Teachers in high school from Tejakula explained to us the importance of preserving the Balinese language. They’re trying to teach their students to have close relation with the culture and tradition, and in this way keep the identity and way of living. It is very specific in the sense that students learn  ‘Sor Singgih Basa’ dialect which can describe the atmosphere, something related to specific place, or to whom it is spoken.

Educators of the High school SMA 1 Tejakula work very hard to transfer the positive values to their students, and teach them how to become intellectual people.

In the time of the globalization, when there are so many influences from mass medias, the characters and cultural identities starts all to blend with each other and look the same.

The aim of this kind of an education is to understand that through learning, human beings can only grow more. The fact that students are willing to study hard and with dedication gives great satisfaction to their teachers, and makes them believe that special culture of Bali will not be lost.

GURU BAHASA BALI 8-8Public High Schools (SMA) 1 Tejakula, Bali
Head of School: Drs. I Ketut Sujarsa
Deputy Head of Curriculum: Drs. Nyoman Tri Suda
Deputy Head Student: Putu mint, S.Pd
Deputy Head of Infrastructure: Drs. Gede Suarta
Deputy Spokesperson: Drs. nengah Ardiasa
Balinese Language Educators: Ardika Ketut Yasa, S.Pd.B

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Photographed by Tjandra Hutama Kurniawan


Author: Akar Media

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