Prosperity of all the creatures, Waisak Day, 15 of May 2014


Waisak Day(Vesak Day) is an event that celebrates the birth of Prince Siddhartha, born in Lumbini in 623 BC. When he was 35, Prince Sidhartha was enlightened and became Buddha, at Buggha-Gaya (Bodhgaya). He died at age of 80, in Kusinara, which became one of the pilgrimage places. As reaching the village of Kusinara, Buddha already knew that his life is ending. He consoled Ananda, who served him for 20 years with these words:

“The nature of things dictates that we must leave those dear to us. Everything born contains its own cessation.”

pradaksina stupa pura pegulinganOn 15 May 2014. Buddhist monks from all over the world gathered in Borobudur temple, close to Yogyakarta, in southern part of Central Java. This temple is one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world, and it was built between 8th and 9th Century AD, during the reign of Sailendra dynasty. This kind of a gathering and celebration is held every year, and brings together people and monks from all over the world.

In Bali there is a temple known by the name Pegulingan, and it’s located east of the Temple Tirta Empul, in the Tampaksiring area. There were many events in Temple Pegulingan, in order to celebrate the Waisak Day. This photo is taken few days before the Waisak day, and it shows the preparations for the big day.

Photographed : Borobudur by Doddy Obenk, Pura Pegulingan by Tjandra Hutama Kurniawan

Author: Akar Media

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