TEJAKULA and BLANGSINGA – Photo Exhibitions and Dance Performance, 30th Aug 2014 – 14th Feb 2015 in Bali, Indonesia

poster_printThis project has started in the beginning of 2013 with an idea to present the heritage and traditions of two villages from Bali: Tejakula and Blangsinga. These places were unique in preserving the traditional forms of art, used mostly during religious ceremonies, and inside the temples.

The photo exhibitions will show most interesting pieces of the documentation made throughout two years of following the events in these two villages. Video materials and photographs are actual materialization of research and collection of data, providing the insight into intangible heritage that was known only locally and thought from generation to generation.

In the village of Blangsinga lives the Maestro of dance Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana with specific, very precise and demanding style of traditional dance, among with his students and dancers from the village and area. In 2013. Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana had diamond celebration – 75 years of dancing and performing.

Mrs Luh Menek, dancer and teacher, Guru Putu and dancers of Wayang Wong live in Tejakula, practicing the sacred dances in temples. The masks that they’re using are kept in the temple, and some of them were not brought out to light for years. For the purpose of the project these masks were used for photo shooting. Guru Putu and Wayang Wong group are creating the performances based on storylines from Ramayana, with unique costumes, masks, style of dancing and music.

These distinctive characters attracted the attention of the artists, photographers who felt overwhelmed with energy and dedication that made these villages very specific in cultural sense. They perceived as their responsibility to provide care and support for these local communities. Without them, Bali wouldn’t be what it is today, known worldwide as one of the cultural tourist destinations.

Performance of Wayang Wong in the House of Masks and Puppets on 9. September will be the first and unique opportunity to see the group of Tejakula dancers and musicians in the public space.

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  • Location for Dance Performance and Photo Exhibition

9th, Sept 2014 – 20th, Sept 2014 @ Rumah Topeng and Wayang (Jl. Tegal Bingin, Banjar Tengkulak Tengah, Kemenuh Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali)

  • Location for Photo Exhibition

30th, Aug 2014 – 30th, Sept 2014 @ three Monkeys Ubud and Sanur

31st,  Aug 2014 – 30th, Sept 2014 @ Spaccanapoli di Ubud



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