When artists host the lunch, the food becomes performance arts. Collaborating with fascinating contemporary Balinese artists, I Wayan Donal and Nyoman Sujana Kenyem, Komaneka launches a series that brings artists and the people interested in their works closer together in an event titled The Artist’s Luncheon, which highlights art and culture talks over Komaneka’s delightful cuisine.

Donal and Kenyem, few of Bali’s respected artists, will collaborate with Komaneka Resorts for an exceptional event that combines an art-appreciation talk and unparalleled dining experience with the best ingredients from Indonesia. Donal and Kenyem seek to showcase their extraordinary artworks to the art enthusiasts, which then are served various gastronomic delights, incorporating familiar flavors found within different cultures, all ensconced in an upscale, contemporary setting.

The Artist’s Luncheon presents choice of flavorsome, Indonesian, international and vegetarian cuisine that offers a true gastronomic journey and cultural experience. A feast will not be complete without a scrumptious canapé, so a wide choice of canapés are brought to the guests. And to top it off, guests can end the meal with the mouthwatering desserts.

Set in the enviable restaurant overlooking dramatic Indian ocean, Timur Kitchen, this scintillating series kicks off on Saturday, October 10th 2020 starting from 11 AM which will be started with art-appreciation talk and followed by lunch.