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Ways To See Mt. Fuji ( UNESCO World Cultural Heritage ) in Japan On Convenience, you supposed to be downloading this apps.  If only you had smart phone or tablet, It’s easy to get traveling information such as The tourist-related facilities information, Trafic Information, Hotel Information, Shopping Spot, Also Discount Coupon and so on around the sightseeing of Mt. Fuji Area.  In English and Traditional Chinese are available! 


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Limited time offer climbing Mt. Fuji 2016.
Yoshida Trail ( Yamanashi Prefecture ): July 1 (Fri.) to September 10 (Sat.)
Subashiri Trail, Gotemba Trail and Fujionmiya Trail ( Shizuoka Prefecture ):
July 10 (Sun.) to September 10 (Sat.)

About Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji, boasting an altitude of 3,776 meters, is the highest mountain in Japan. It had been loved by Japanese people as a mountain where gods lived and was an object of worship in earlier years. The beautiful shape of the composite volcano with its wide skirt is well known as a symbol of Japan both inside and outside the country. For its elegant appearance, it has been used as an artistic motif in many works of art. Additionally, it is depicted on the back of the 1,000-yen bill. Such a beautiful landscape surrounding the famous mountain of Mount Fuji, as well as the cultural tradition of worship and its existence as a source of art recognized as indigenous values, and therefore a recommendation for registering it as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site was submitted in 2012 (to be registered in 2013).

further more information  Fujiyama Navi.