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posterTourism has two impacts anywhere in the world, positive as well as negative impacts. One impact is a growing economy, but also a deterioration of art culture if there is no any support from preservation programs of art culture in the society.

Since 1996, Mr. Agung Rai and Arma Foundation in Ubud opened this foundation with the mission to preserve art culture independently. This year ARMA Foundation fully supports this festival and is committed to establish the International Mask Festival (IMF) Ubud 2016 together with Yogyakarta, Solo, and Malang. It is a pilot project that is funded by some generous private companies. We hope this IMF will continue to become an annual festival which will be financially supported by the government and private sectors.

IMF is a foundation of art and cultural mask preservation that indeed needs to be protected in order to be able to educate the younger generation and to give appreciation for the masters of mask makers.

This festival will definitely get old local masters of masks and young talented dancers involved in this event in order to enhance the relation between these two generations. This way the two generations can learn from each other and appreciate each other’s art works.

It would be also appropriate to invite local sellers to show and sell their products in this festival. This way the local sellers and artists can collaborate and create a promotion for not only Balinese visitors, but also visitors from outside Bali and even outside Indonesia. Ubud is the perfect place since it is the gate of tourism.

Herewith, we also would like to invite you to visit and support IMF Ubud 2016 that is going to be held on Saturday November 5th 2016 from 11am to 10pm at ARMA Museum and Wantilan Water Garden.

Here we enclosed the schedule of the festival’s program. We are looking forward to hearing the good news from you and your RSVP.

  1. Venue Event: ARMA Wantilan Water Garden
  2. Press Conference pada Sabtu, 5 Nov 2016 pukul 12.00 Wita di ARMA Wantilan Water Garden dengan narasumber sebagai berikut:
    1. Bp. Agung Rai                                              Founder ARMA Foundation
    2. Hasta Putra Aditama                                  IMF Ubud Project Manager & ARMA Foundation
    3. Paul Amron Yuwono                                  IMF Ubud & ARMA Foundation
    4. Bp. Agung Yudi Sadona                             IMF Ubud & ARMA Foundation
    5. KRT Daniel Haryodiningrat                     Museum Ullen Sentalu Yogyakarta
    6. Dwi Cahyono                                               Museum Topeng Panji Malang
    7. Prof. I Ketut Kodi                                       Pakar Topeng & Dalang
    8. Kanoko Takaya                                           Seniman Topeng Jepang
  3. Opening of Mask & Painting Exhibition at 17.30-17.45  in the Lobby Museum
  4. Opening of IMF Ubud 2016 at 18.30-18.45 in ARMA Wantilan Water Garden

More Information: Amron-Paul Yuwono & Anak Agung Yudi Sadona (IMF Ubud Creative Council) 08113920600 Hasta Putra Aditama (IMF Ubud 2016 Project Director) 081316152720