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aycifAsean Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015 : The creative industry has been defined as an industry that is driven by the utilization of one’s creativity, skills, and talents to generate welfare and work opportunities through the individual’s capacity to create. Sustainable economic development that emphasizes creativity is what is then considered to be a creative economy; the starting point of a new frontier in economic development.

AYCIF is a form of cooperation between the Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF), ASEAN Secretariat, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME of Republic of Indonesia, and UKM Center FEUI, to inspire further synergy between young creative entrepreneurs in the ASEAN region and Japan. As the inaugural host for the biggest creative industry event, Indonesia is to invite creative industry players in the ASEAN region and Japan to discuss, network, and showcase they works and products in the Kota Tua area in Jakarta in this coming 29-30 August.

In welcoming the vision of the ASEAN Economic Community in developing ASEAN into becoming an area for trade revolving around goods, services, investment, human capital, and a freer capital flow in 2020, AYCIF has chosen the theme “Seizing Opportunities Within Harmony.”

“We invite all ASEAN youths who delve into the creative industry to inspire each other, and expand their potentials through this event. AYCIF aspires to lay the foundation in the creation of harmony and cooperation in finding possible opportunities as a means for ASEAN to become the front runner in the international creative economy scene.” states Eugenia Mardanugraha, the Director of UKM Center FEUI, one of the organizers behind AYCIF 2015.

To kick start AYCIF’s series of events, today’s press conference also marks the official opening for the registration of the Creativepreneur Competition. Leading up to the end of May 2015, this competition invites young players in the creative industry (aged 18-35 years) in the ASEAN region and Japan to participate in showcasing their finest works to seasoned practitioners and experts in their respective creative fields, as well as the ASEAN and Japanese public in general. This competition is divided into 4 (four) categories based on each sub-sectors in the creative industry: Fashion; Craft & Product Design; Games & Applications; as well as Movie & Animation.

“It is through international events akin to AYCIF that the ideas, innovation, and creativity of players in the creative industry can continue to refine itself and be tested. Young filmmakers, designers, and game developers will be given a medium to express themselves and network with their contemporaries. This is a positive start in building synergy among young players in the creative industry.” claims Angga Sasongko, an Indonesian filmmaker who will join the panel of juries in the Creativepreneur Competition.

The peak event of AYCIF will be held on 29-30 August 2015 in the Kota Tua area, Jakarta. This event will be filled with international seminars and workshops revolving around the creative industry, exhibitions for the finalists from each sub-sector in the form of; fashion shows, games and applications tryouts, craft making sessions, as well as film screenings. In addition to this, art and musical performances, as well as a creative bazaar will be held to shed limelight on the creative talents in the South East Asian region.

ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair (AYCIF) 
Creativepreneurs Competition Info

The following are criteria that will be used for the jury consideration for each sector:


1. Fashion:

This competition aims to gather ASEAN’s best young fashion entrepreneurs,assessed through both business and design perspectives.

  • Taruna K. Kusmayadi (The President of Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Enterpreneurs, The founder of Nuna, and Tzi)
  • Rajo Laurel (The Founder of House of Laurel, Philipines Senior renown fashion designer)
  • Chanita Preechawitayakul (The Founder of Senada Theory, Thailand renown fashion designer)
    * Further information on the Fashion competition can be found in

2. Craft & Product Design:

Excellence in terms of the quality and method for design, originality of the product in promoting cultural identity and traditional aesthetics, creative innovation in cultivating traditional skills, and relevance between the product and target market.

  • Prieyo Pratomo: Craft consultant and analyst (Indonesia)
  • Edric Ong: EO Textile Sarawak (Malaysia)
  • Judith Chung: Craft Expert & Artist (Singapore)
    *Further information on the Craft & Product Design competition can be found in

3. Games & Applications:

Creativity & imagination in creating the application, technical skills, innovative idea in generating a different application business, and the ability to expand the application business.

  • Eva Muliawati (CEO of Megaxus Infotech, Representative of Asosiasi Game Indonesia)
  • Nicolas Leymonerie (Coordinator of IGDA Vietnam Chapter)
  • Nicholas Aaron Khoo (Chairman of Singapore Cybersports and Online Games Association)
    *Further information on the Games & Applications competition can be found in

4. Movies & Animations:

Originality of concept and idea, as well as production and marketing strategies.

  • Angga Sasongko (Indonesian young renown director)
  • Mohd. Nizam Abdul Razak (Director of Upin Ipin)
  • Jasmine Ng Kin Kia (Board of Directors of the Singapore International Film Festival, Director, Creative Director)
    *Further information on the Movies & Animations competition can be found in

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