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38400038Get Inspiration by UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2015 , Pick Up Artist Part 1.


Title :   ” Being in Pain “


Akar Media has been choose the great art work for ” Akar Media Prize ” in UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2015. She is photographer from Taiwan. This delicate work’s collection which was created from her real life. It is very pitiful as well as beautiful.

Artist Name :
Bezel Wang ( Taiwan )

When she was kid, She always attracted to the question between life and death,interpersonal relationships,the connect between the world and human being.I used to expresses my inner emotion and philosophy of life by A photograph.

79740007屋雌This collection is a thoughtful photography. She mention that Human partition real or fantasy in pain. distinguish exist and doesn’t exist in pain. Confirm the authenticity of exist in pain. International Association the Study of Pain definition of pain as “un unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. or described in term of such damage. ” We only feel alived just when our body and spirit unstable. But why ?

57660011Comments from photographer : I just realized this problem, and bring out the question by photography. On the other hand, I kind of want to reveal the real and dark side of the human world by photograph, so I took this 13  serieas as “Being in pain”.

” Why Lily? ”  Flower’s life cycle are more short than human’s in comparison.In the image part were usually used to be a metaphor of life. Use the lily flower only because my mom buy it for festival, and I can exert more on the appearance in the image part.