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IMG_9118#The Sakura is an icon of Japanese culture. there are also numerous species of Sakura (cherryblossoms) throughout Koreaan dinthe Himalayan region of China. However, Japan boasts the greatest concentration of Sakura trees in the world. this  Sakura’s flowers  bloom only once a year and only for a very short time. The longevity of the bloom depends on temperature and weather conditions at the time of flowering. Sakura’s display their beauty for only a very short time. IMG_1098Although the Sakura’s  blossom sareshortlived, it’s beauty has a strong influence on Japanese community and cultural behavior. A number of activities and cultural celebrations are associated to the Sakura: such as, the Sakura flower festival,the traditional Sakura customs and the Sakura landscaping event, which has become an iconic practice in Japan. There are almost one hundred different species of the Sakura Rosaceae Amygdaloideae and more than two hundred varieties that have resulted from the cultivation of the Sakura.

IMG_1056IMG_1204IMG_0701There are many good place to see the SAKURA in Japan.we feture as typical tourist destination in japan west area is KYOTO, the east area is TOKYO.

Photos by Doddy Obenk


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