EARTH MANUAL PROJECT”Disaster and Design: For Saving Lives” Asia in Resonance May 2.Thu. – May 26.Sun. 2019 in indonesia

An exhibition of the innovative approaches to disasters from Asian countries.


The “EARTH MANUAL PROJECT – Disaster and Design: for Saving Lives” is a showcase of creative and innovative practices for dealing with disaster at different stages, from preparedness education to response and relief efforts. Originating in Japan, this exhibition includes examples of work from other countries where natural disasters frequently occur, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. To date, the exhibition has traveled from Japan to Southeast Asia and North America, accumulating new ideas and evolving to fit local conditions with each stop. Now, the “EARTH MANUAL PROJECT – Disaster and Design: for Saving Lives” exhibition is coming to Jakarta, Indonesia! the exhibition is being held at dia.lo.gue artspace.

  • Opening Reception<Open for Public>
    May 2nd, 2019 (Thu)  7.00 pm-
    @Dia.Lo.Gue:Kemang Selatan 99A, Jakarta 12730
  • EXHIBITION DATE: May 2, (thu.) – May 26, (Sun.) 2019

The EMP exhibition showcases some of the best practices for dealing with disasters at different stages, from preparedness education to response and relief efforts, with a particular focus on ones that use creative design ideas. Originating in Japan, this exhibition includes the HANDs! Project initiated by the Japan Foundation Asia Center, and examples of work from countries with frequent natural disasters such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Projects introduced in the exhibition utilize distinctly creative and innovative approaches to disaster issues.

A artist of the exhibits as below.

Shigeru Ban • Ikaputra • Bumpei Yorifuji/NPO Plus Arts • Hiroshi Fuji/NPO Plus Arts • Osamu Tsukihashi • Alma Quinto • Red Bear Survival Camp Club • NHK World – Japan • Roo su Flood • The Japan Foundation Asia Center / HANDs! Project Fellows – ARC and KIDSUP Teama

Asia in Resonance 2019

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is holding the “Asia in Resonance 2019”, a series of events introducing its various cultural exchange programs between Japan and Southeast Asia. The broad range of special events includes cross-border productions of stage performances and films, an international friendly soccer match in which the ASIAN ELEVEN team of selected Southeast-Asian players will play against a team from Japan, and a “NIHONGO Partners” symposium. These events are an opportunity to enjoy the resonance created by the strengthened ties between Southeast Asia and Japan. And as well as being an opportunity to look back at the achievements of mutual cultural exchange which the Asia Center have been holding over the last five years, this festival will provide a springboard to further deepen ties between Japan and Southeast Asia.
“Asia in Resonance 2019” is scheduled to also be held in Southeast Asia.

  • If You need any further information about Exhibition, Please contact to below.
    dia.lo.gue artspace
    The Japan Foundation, The Asia Center

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Earth Manual Project「命を守るアジアの防災デザイン」”響きあうアジア2019″が、2019年4月27日(土)〜5月26日(日)インドネシア•ジャカルタで開催


国際交流基金アジアセンターは、「響きあうアジア2019」プログラムの一つとして、デザイン・クリエイティブセンター神戸(KIITO)、NPO法人プラス・アーツ、インドネシア建築協会(IAI)、dia.lo.gueとの共催により、「Earth Manual Project “Disaster and Design: For Saving Lives”」展をdia.lo.gue artspace.で開催します。


Earth Manual Project-This Could Save Your Life」展は、2013年にデザイン・クリエイティブ・センター神戸で初めて開催され、国際交流基金海外拠点によりフィリピンやタイを巡回してきました。2018年には、ニューヨークでも展示され、インドネシアでの開催は今回が初めてです。


Asia in Resonance 2019

国際交流基金アジアセンターは、日本と東南アジアの文化交流事業を幅広く紹介する祭典として「響きあうアジア2019」を開催いたします。国を超え共に創り上げた舞台芸術、映画から、東南アジア選手による混成サッカーチーム「ASIAN ELEVEN」と日本チームとの国際親善試合、“日本語パートナーズ”のシンポジウムまで、お互いの文化が刺激しあって生まれた珠玉のイベントの数々を楽しめる機会です。この祭典は、国際交流基金アジアセンターがこれまで5年にわたり行ってきた相互交流の成果を振り返るとともに、日本と東南アジアとの関係をさらに深めるための起点となることでしょう。

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